October 22, 2023

5 Home Maintenance Projects To Tackle This Fall

Summer is officially in the rearview, and it’s time to usher in the fall season. Whether you’re a fan of the changing leaves or not, there’s no denying that cold weather is on the horizon. The good news is, there’s still time to check some home maintenance tasks off your to-do list and prepare your home for fall — and the inevitable Midwest winter to come.

While home maintenance projects aren’t everyone’s cup of tea, you’ll thank us come spring. Tackling them now will help your home stay in tip-top shape during the coldest months of the year. Keep reading for a list of fall home maintenance projects to take care of before the snow starts to fly.

1. Inspect Your Roof

Fall is an excellent time to inspect your roof for any damage that may cause water leaks to occur. Loose shingles are one of the most common culprits, as water can seep underneath them and build-up over time. If you do notice any damage beyond your ability to repair, hire a professional to get it fixed.

2. Clean and Repair Gutters

Cleaning out and repairing gutters is an important task to add to your list of fall home maintenance projects. An accumulation of debris inside gutters can cause devastating water damage once snow and ice start to thaw. Clear out any dead leaves, branches, and other debris to help gutters drain from the roof properly.

3. Prep Your Landscaping

There’s no doubt that winter can be hard on the exterior of your home, including your landscaping. Luckily, there are a few things you can do in the fall to protect your landscaping from the impending freeze. Be sure to rake and collect fallen leaves, trim bushes and trees, and cover gardens and any vulnerable plants. It’s also important to disconnect garden hoses from outdoor faucets to prevent burst pipes.

4. Prevent Drafts in Your Home

Keeping your home warm during the cold months is essential to preserving energy, saving on utility bills, and keeping you comfortable. Check exterior doors and windows for any gaps and repair them as necessary. Adding or replacing weatherstripping can assist in keeping your home free of drafts, as well. Garages are also a significant source of heat loss in the late fall and throughout winter. Keep overhead doors closed as much as possible, and consider investing in a garage door insulation kit if your door isn’t already insulated.

5. Clean Soffit Vents

Make sure your home’s soffit vents are free of debris before cold weather strikes. Clogged soffit (eave) vents can lead to attic condensation and wet ceilings in the home. Soffit vents should be cleaned every couple of years at a minimum, but doing so every fall will keep them in optimal condition. Simply use an air compressor to blow away dirt, dust, and loose insulation that may have fallen into the vent.

These home maintenance tips offer a great starting point as you prepare your home for fall and beyond. For more ways to get your home ready for cold weather, check out our article on winter home prep. If you have a question about maintaining your Dabbert-built home, get in touch with our team.